IA Conference

The IA Conference

IAC:  Information Architecture Conference

April 14-18, 2020 | New Orleans, LA

Sense and Sense-making

This year we expect that lots of conferences will have a 2020 Vision. We like to look at things differently – and sight is only one sense amongst many.

In New Orleans we want to explore all of our senses and all the ways we make sense of the world and the futures we face. We want to talk about how, when and why we encode, transmit, receive, interpret and share information. We’ll discuss what we can perceive and make available to the senses, the different kinds of intelligences we use to interpret and understand things and the intentional actions that result when things make sense. We’ll also look at the role of serendipity and mischief in understanding what our senses tell us.

Join us in In New Orleans as we interrogate and celebrate the huge variety of ways that we can sense, think and be in the world.

The realities we perceive and make available
The intelligences we use to make sense of what we perceive
The intentional actions that result from making sense

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