Deeper T

UX Workshops to Deepen Your Skills

We are introducing Deeper T, a new way of thinking in User Experience career training and development. We run workshops that are focused on mid-weight / intermediate practitioners to help them develop their careers within the digital and creative industries.

At Deeper T, we recognise that being successful as a UX Professional is not only being a great practitioner - or even a technical unicorn, but needs a combination of technical, people and business skills.

We make UX professionals more complete, by not just focusing on service design, taxonomies or content strategy, but realising that to be successful in organisations, people need to know how to talk the language of business, and be able to work in teams. We do this by providing workshops that deepen all three sets of skills.

Deepening technical skills - being a UX professional means we design experiences - both services and products. To grow as a professional, we must deepen our technical skills learning new techniques or broadening out to new domains.

Working with People - part of User Experience is working with others; in multi-disciplinary teams, with stakeholders, with clients, and with users. UX professionals need to hone these skills to be successful.

Business skills - moving forward in a UX career means working closer with business and product. UXers therefore need to understand the basics of business and how to measure impact on their organisations and users.

Mags Hanley, Founder

Mags Hanley is a UX Leadership Consultant and mentor. With over 20 years experience working in digital, doing UX before the term was used, she has been a Cybrian, Information Architect, Project Manager Product Director and most importantly a UX Manager.

She has led teams across the world in the US, UK and Australia, building UX practices at companies like Argus Associates, the BBC, Time Out and WTG.

Her mission is to develop the next generation of UX practitioners and leaders across the world.